Chef Erique was a pleasure from the beginning of our event, to the end. He was laser focused on giving us a quality meal, very clean and professional, and very easy to engage with. The food was impeccable, from presentation to the last bite! I can’t wait to book him again and again! My personal chef for life!

A. Smith

Erique Smith is both the owner and head chef of Unleashed Cuisine. His mission is to bring a fun and luxury fine dining experience to your home, event or vacation.

As a Culinary artist with a passion for food, my family’s authentic and organic cooking style gave me the sight for the craft. The normal life, not wanting to wait for my parents or grandmother to wake up in order to receive breakfast in the morning or being the youngest and not having to rely on my older siblings to make me a fresh meal. I wanted to do it myself. After coming home from college at The University of Akron, I realized what I love to do is important. I decided to not go after the business management degree that I obtained but to build the potential and start my culinary journey. Possessing a genuine gift for food preparation coupled with sincere enthusiasm for my craft, I give recipes soul, love, and an outstanding taste.

Today, Chef Erique Smith has honed his skills as a personal chef at an array of settings, including weddings, private homes, yachts, and even backyards BBQs. He Gained many fine dining experiences with locations such as Ruth Chris, Jags Steak & Seafood, with catering background learning at Heritage Country club out of West Chester, Oh. A place that aimed to provide excellent catering events for weddings, private corporate events, and creating organic recipes weekly. Chef Erique provides a full culinary catering service for any type of occasion. Regardless of the genre, or culture, he is on hand for preparing meals both large and small in distinctively elegant or simple locations throughout American or internationally.


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