"Erique doesn’t provide a service. He isn’t just a private chef. He provides an experience! And that experience is untouchable. I have been blessed to have him provide an experience for me in so many different manners. He traveled to Miami during the pandemic for our girls 40th birthday celebration. We were worried about being out but wanted fine dining. He went above and beyond to make sure the vibe and food were ON POINT"

Lizzie Moore — Zapier

Bringing You A Bite of comfort

Chef Erique goes above, beyond, and abroad for his customers. His passion for cooking and his love for travel has given him the ability to to serve you anywhere in the world.

Reserve your exclusive fine dining experience for your next vacation or getaway now!

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Travel Chef

Benefits of having your own chef on vacation.

No Grocery Shopping

No Grocery Shopping, All groceries are purchased once he arrives on location. He chooses every item judiciously and with care. He takes pride in the fact that all meats are premium cuts only, and all vegetables are fresh. Unleashed Cuisine takes every step off your hands, starting here.

Personlized menu

From the starters, down to the entree, your meal is 100% chosen by you! You can mix any side with any entree, starter, or salad. Your every meal is what you make it!

Save Time

There are few things worse than all of the time spent during your precious vacation to travel and wait in line at a restaurant abroad, and not be certain you will enjoy the food. With Unleashed Cuisine, you can enjoy yourself right up to your desired meal time and have it served right to you.

Make memories

Make your vacation unforgettable by experiencing Unleashed Cuisine’s fine dining wherever you like! There is nothing more luxurious than our meals served with an Oceanside view.

No Clean Up

Unleashed Cuisine takes pride in not only serving your meal, but cleaning up after as well. All you have to do is sit down and enjoy, and the rest is on us!

No Leaving accommodations

No more finding and waiting for a car to take you to a restaurant, or walking and wandering around looking for a nice place to try. Have your 5 star meal served to you right in your room, or wherever you like.

Dietary Restrictions

All allergies and restrictions are taken into consideration during every step of the process. From purchasing the groceries and food prep, down to serving you, you can rest assured that your meal was prepared with you in mind.

Covid-19 Safe

Chef Erique takes your health seriously! All meals are prepped, cooked and served while wearing a mask. Cleanliness is a top priority, also. Hand washing and sanitizing is embedded into every step of the process while preparing your meals, and gloves are worn at all times.

Let's Get Started

How to book a premium dining experience for your vacation


Gathering Info

You will begin by submitting your trip dates and location into a reservation form. The location and transit information will determine your travel fee. You will receive a quote via email.


The Details

The same reservation form will include a menu of starters, sides, salads and entrees that you can choose from for each meal that you book. There is no minimum for the number of meals you desire to be served.


Travel Fees

Once your travel fees and deposit have been received, your booking will be officially reserved. Accommodations will be discussed during this time. Once paid, your deposit becomes nonrefundable.


We Travel

Once we land, Chef Erique gathers all the groceries fresh to prepare your meal. Unleashed Cuisine will show up before meal time to cook your meal and serve you the plate of luxury you’ve been hungry for!

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