Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get my deposit back?

All deposits are non refundable. They’re used to protect your event slot in the calendar, and blocks others from booking your date so there are no exceptions.

How much are deposits?

Deposits start at $100. Catering deposits are 25% of the total balance. Once paid, the rest is due one week before your event.

Do you bring your own equipment?

Chef Erique brings his own pots, pans, skillets, and knives. He does not bring silverware or plates.

Do I buy my own groceries?

No, Chef Erique buys and supplies the groceries.

Do you clean after?


Do you cook in front of us?


If requested, can meals be prepared in advance and dropped off at my event?

Yes, the meals can be dropped off for businesses and catered event only.

Do you cook in hotels?

No; the smoke detectors interfere with Chef Erique’s smokey gourmet style of cooking. However, an Air Bnb, a house, villas, or any place with better ventilation are greatly encouraged.

With traveling, do you stay with us or stay alone?

It’s up to you! However if Chef E is to stay alone, that is added to your travel fee. 

How far in advance do you need for destination booking? 

There is no advance notice needed. As long as the dates are available and the fees are paid, Chef E can be on the way!

If I wanted to add another side or more people to my already booked meal, does that cost extra?

Yes, there is an up charge for that.The amount of the charge depends on how many people are being added as well as what they will be eating.